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Published Classmates

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We have a number of our Classmates that have published works. All their publications can be found by Googling the titles. Let us know if you know of other publications.

60 Pawprint   James Breckenridge

      • "What Color Is Your God?: Multicultural Education in the Church" (James and his wife)

60 Pawprint   Barbara (Coy) and Jim Barber

      • "Under, In, and Outside the Box" Teaching ALL of the Children (Barbara)
      • "Shitbird! How I Learned to Love the Corps" (Jim)

60 Pawprint   Pete Castillo

      • "The American Nation, with J.W. Davidson and M.B. Stoff.. Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Prentice-Hall, 2000."
      • "Las Nuevas Fronteras del Siglo XXI/New Frontiers of the 21st Century, comp. with A. Alvarez, N. Klahn, and F. Manchon. Mexico City: La Jornada Ediciones, 2000."
      • "Mexico en Los Angeles: Una historia social y cultura, 1781-1985, with A. Ríos-Bustamante. Mexico City: Los Noventa, 1989."
      •  "An Illustrated History of Mexican Los Angeles, 1781-1985, with A. Ríos-Bustamante. Los Angeles: University of California, Chicano Studies Research Center, 1986."

60 Pawprint   Mike Enriquez

      • "Killing China: What They Never Told Us About China and China's Secret"  Went to "Best Seller" on Day 2!

60 Pawprint   Barry W. Kennedy

      • "Energy Efficient Transformers"
      • "Power Quality Primer"


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